Thursday, December 11, 2008

Stuck In My Room

Do you ever notice how when people haven't blogged in a while they tend to write a reason and apologize? Interesting.

The night I went home for Thanksgiving I'd said good night to my parents, and was in my room with my cat. It was raining furiously outside. I was ready to go to bed, but decided to get some water first, since I was thirsty. Plus, Anya (my cat) wanted to go out.

This is a very boring story so far, can you tell? Don't worry, it gets exciting soon.

I technically could have obtained water from the sink in the bathroom to quench my thirst (as elegyrl pointed out afterwards), but I wanted a water bottle from the fridge. I put my hand on the doorknob and turned and pulled. Nothing happened. I tried again. Still nothing.

Sometimes doorknobs are a little slippery, and I'd just put lotion on. I wiped off my hands and used my shirt to turn the doorknob. The latch didn't move. I tried again and again. I struggled for a little bit. The door would not open, because turning the knob did not move the latch.

I had two choices: I could go to bed and hope it would all be better in the morning, or I could call my parents from my cell phone and hope they could get me out. I called my parents. They came down the hall and, when they discovered they could not open the door either, got out the tools.

After attempting several different door-opening techniques, it was determined that my dad should come in through my window to try to knock the pins out of the hinges (my little dings on the pins produced no result--they were really stuck). Before he could get soaked in the rain, however, Mother Edit used some sort of magic (the doorknob was off at that point, except for the latch, which still wouldn't budge) and the door swung open.

The next day Father Edit replaced the door with a new knob which worked.

I told my parents if they didn't want me to go back to Utah, there was a better way to say it than by locking me in my room.



ol' Bob said...

It was Anya who put a curse on the doorknob and bolt. She didn't want you to leave either.

ol' Bob said...

You redecorated. Very nice.

Veronica said...

Hey, I love your decoration! It looks very nice! And that stinks that you got stuck in your room. But funny on your last notes of your blog.

Oriana said...

Ah, thank heavens for cell phones! I have a bathroom door that sticks and people are always struggling to get out. One of these days I'll figure out how to trim it to fit the door frame better. :-) So far, everyone has been able to escape.

elegyrl said...

That story is even funnier when told in person on the way to Disneyland! But I am glad you shared it here because I got to laugh all over again! :)Also I love the new design of your blog page :)

Rachelle Suezo said...

I know it's been a while but I think it had been quite a difficult experience. Getting yourself locked up in your room is really bothering. It's good that Mother Edit found a way to open up the door. Anyway, what happened after? Did you replaced your doorknob?