Tuesday, December 16, 2008


When I was little, I spelled jewelry "jewlery." That was how I pronounced it, so obviously that's the way you'd spell it, right?

Then my mom pointed out I was spelling it wrong. I had no concept of the word "jewel," apparently, so I didn't memorize the correct spelling. I just understood that I had an E out of order.

For many years when I wrote the word, I remembered I tended to spell it wrong, and it was something about the e, but I wasn't sure of the correct spelling. Pathetic, no? I agree. It is pathetic. But I ended up spelling the word "jewelery." You want an e? I've got one! Heck, I've got three!

By now I have learned how to spell the word correctly. It's jewelry. I even know how to pronounce it correctly too.

Isn't it great the things we learn as we get older?


Veronica said...

Its true, I know I've spelled that one wrong for a long time. Although, I had friends to help me how to spell because my parents don't write in english very much.

Yeah, its neat the lesson's that we learn in life.

ol' Bob said...

And now that you can spell it consistently, the next goal is to accumulate some.