Thursday, November 13, 2008

21st Century Hot Water Bottle*

The older I get (and yes, I realize 27 is not very old), the more I realize I'm turning into my mother (love you, Mom!). In particular, I am always cold. It used to astound me how cold my mom would get, and now I bring a jacket with me wherever I go.

My current residence is fairly warm, but my room tends to be a bit colder, for some reason. My bed, specifically, is quite frigid when I get in it at night.

Most nights I use my computer about half an hour before I go to bed (checking email, reading blogs, etc.), and the other night I had a grand idea. After I turned off my laptop, I placed it and the cord (that big box part of the cord that gets really hot--what's that called?) under my comforter. When I got into bed half an hour later, voila! My bed was warm!

Yet another reason I love my laptop.

*If you do not know what a hot water bottle is, click here.


ol' Bob said...

Congratulations on finding a way to use that otherwise wasted heat.

I believe the big box in the cord is a transformer (the electrical kind, not the kind that changes shape and shoots at you) that changes the hostile and erratic house current into a happy DC voltage.

elegyrl said...

I think that is a great idea for warmth in the bed. I wish I had known it and or had a laptop recently when i was between rooms and so all there was basically was a bed so it was very cold a couple of nights under the covers! It is all cozy now! You are awesome, creative and you make me smile!

Veronica said...

haha..thats awesome. Very clever, I wouldn't have thought of that. Well, I know about becoming like your mother. I'm starting to realize that I am too. Crazy isn't it?

Its funny how as we grow up, we say, I'm never gonna be like my mom. And then you do. Its good times. =)vl_ajna