Saturday, August 23, 2008

Things I Can See From My Bedroom Window

-A cat that runs away from me and meows threateningly if I get too close
-The Trolley Square tower at night when it's lit up (I have no idea where it is during the day)
-Tree-Hugger's garden
-A tiny bit of downtown (I'd be able to see more if it weren't for the trees, but I'd rather see trees than downtown)

I just realized I can't really see any mountains out my window. I love the view anyway.


elegyrl said...

Sounds like a lot better view than form my window, where I just see cars.... a whole lot of them and if they are not there I see the brick wall of my neighbor across the street! :)

Olive Kite said...

Things I see from my bedroom window:

1. Wooden blinds with a little bit of light streaming in (during the day) and darkness filling in the cracks (at night).

Things I might see if I opened my blinds ever:

1. trees

2. people walking, driving cars or golf carts, gardening or weeding

schmath said...

You must live near my cousin, Sarah. Are you in those apartments just east of Trolley Square on the corner of 600 S and 700 East?

Betty Edit said...

Schmath, do you think I would really divulge such sensitive information over the internet? :o) But actually, no, I'm not in those apartments. But that's pretty close, I'll admit. I wonder if she's in my ward... Is she married or single?

schmath said...

I figured you wouldn't. I thought you might even delete my comment if that was where you lived. She is single, but recently got kicked out of the singles' ward for being too old.

Veronica said...

I can't see anything in my window, I call it living in the dungeon but really its the basement. I miss being able to look out of the window. I really wish the homes here in Utah were built like Cali. I miss Cali.