Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Ped Egg

I recently came into possession of a Ped Egg. No, I did not buy it myself, but yes, I now own one.

The Ped Egg makes me laugh. The great things advertised about the Ped Egg are these:

1. Over 100 precision micro-files that gently remove callouses and dead skin!

2. Two high quality emery buffing pads are included!

3. Ergonomically designed with a unique egg shape!

4. A storage compartment collects all the skin shavings so you can use it anywhere with no mess!

5. Stainless steel blades are safe to touch!

My reaction:

1. It's a cheese grater. Well, maybe more like a lemon zester. But not as sharp.

2. Like sandpaper!

3. I can't deny that I find the ovoid shape somewhat appealing, but it doesn't really make it more ergonomic. You still have to grip the edges, and there's no groove or handle to hang on to. If your hands were slippery, the Ped Egg would still be just as difficult to grip as a non-ergonomically-shaped dead-heel-skin zester. And an egg shape is not all that unique--eggs are shaped the same way.

4. Okay, I'll admit, I liked that. Not that I've ever actually zested my heels before, but I imagine if I were in the practice of zesting my heels, I would have been displeased by all the piles of dead skin heaped about me at the end of my zesting session.

5. I'm sure I could find a way to make them unsafe.

Really though, I love my Ped Egg. It's a such a cute little* skin-zester, and with the Ped Egg you don't have to explain to guests why there is a lemon zester sitting on your bathroom counter. Thanks for the Ped Egg, unicorn girl!

*I really did just type "cute little". I once had a Young Women leader who used that term frequently. Once, I counted on my fingers how many times she said "cute little" while making an announcement. It was a long announcement, granted, but I have ten fingers. I used them all, plus some toes.


Oriana said...

Hmmmm... I was sold until #4.

The trade-off for lovely feet would be worth it, though.

ol' Bob said...

It's a fine thing that people want to be attractive and take steps to remove or modify or conceal that which they regard as unattractive, even to the extent of grating and sanding their feet.

Women are generally much better than men at trying to appear attractive, and they succeed very well in that effort.

However (I thus open the door wide to harassment and vilification), as a life-long male, I confess that I can't remember a single instance in which I observed a female of any age and thought to myself, what lovely feet she has.

elegyrl said...

I may need to get a ped egg sometime! I have the worst feet ever! I once told my mom that my feet could make a pedicurist quit her day job and my mom agreed with me (she didnt even try to lie to make me feel better!)..... I am constantly trying new stuff to improve their dryness and appearance.... UGH