Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Bad Thing About Going To Utah: Conclusion

The bad thing about going to Utah, as I stated earlier, is that then I realize how much I miss it and want to live there. And then I make what others might call a crazy decision and feel strongly that it's right, while at the same time not understanding how it can possibly work.

Where will Betty live after the first month? I don't know.

What will Betty do for a job? I don't know.

How will Betty get around? I don't know.

Will Betty do it? Yes, she will!

That's pretty much all I know.

I'm choosing to call this faith.


elegyrl said...

You will be fine! I don't forsee you having any problems getting a job and then you will be able to get transportation and it will all work out! Maybe I will move up there eventually and we can live together and since I work crazy hours you could use my car while Im not :) but that wont be happening quite as soon as Aug.... but I have a feeling in time I will wind up there before too long! I love being here with my family but at the same time they are driving me away and so Ive already decided that when I leave Im not staying close! Plus a lot of my good friends are there now...why should I be here? Besides isnt that where they say Californians go to get married?? :) Is that why you are leaving me?

unicorn girl said...

"I believe. Help thou my unbelief."

schmath said...

You should live with my cousin. She is in the same boat. Although, I bet she is allergic to cats. So maybe not.

Oriana said...

I think you'll do fine. It will all fall into place. That's the beauty of being directed to go somewhere. The puzzle pieces just come together to fit perfectly. There are lots of Now Hiring signs around, so you could find something to make money to feed yourself while looking for a career type job.