Friday, May 3, 2013

My Nephew Is A Lego Genius: Hogwarts Express

Some weeks ago, I visited Tuffett Manor, and I brought along a small Lego set (unbuilt) of the Hogwarts Express. It's a fun little locomotive, and Prince Tuffett constructed it entirely on his own (with instructions, since I brought them). Prince Tuffett played with the train, then I brought it home with me when I left.

The next day, Queen Tuffett sent me pictures of a locomotive that Prince Tuffett had made using his own Lego pieces. In case you don't remember, Prince Tuffett is 6 years old.


Prince Tuffett version:


Prince Tuffett:

Note the antenna sticking out the front, as well as the round disc behind it. These are ideas lifted (most likely) from set 4841, which Prince Tuffett owns, of the Hogwarts Express:


Prince Tuffett:

Keep in mind that Prince Tuffett did this completely from memory. I love how he left a little space for the conductor, and didn't just make the back of the locomotive one solid block.


Prince Tuffett:

Queen Tuffett also pointed out her favorite parts, which included the blue stripe and the clear plate which serves as a window:

The blue stripe is a nod (I think) to the blue Weasley car, the Ford Anglia, which is included in set 4841.

Look at that shape! Look at those wheels! He even used some of the same pieces. Once again, Prince Tuffett did an exceptional job capturing the essence of the original build, and I am as proud as I can be of my adorable and clever nephew. Isn't he fantastic?

I think my awe of Prince Tuffett's skill is also influenced by my own childhood experience. When I was a kid, like age 10 or so, all I could ever think to build was a building made of 4 walls, with no doors and no windows. Then again, we only had one size of building bricks, and they weren't Lego brand, either. Maybe with the proper tools, I could've been a Lego whiz too...


ol' Bob said...

Should I apologize for depriving you of this childhood experience? Probably.

Betty Edit said...

No. You did not deprive me of anything. :o)

elegyrl said...

He has a lot of Lego lover examples to look up to and learn from. Plus he has great parents who teach him and encourage him! I am not surprised at all of his intelligence and love of lego building!