Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Which is most painful?
  • to lose your best friend, not to death or great distance, but to evil dictators who capture her and hold her captive
  • to be the best friend now lost, held in solitary confinement, with no one on your side
  • to be the friend of the one who lost her best friend, wanting desperately to help, wanting to ease the pain, wanting your friendship to be a balm, but in the end, not being able to help at all because you are simply not the right person


Sarah said...

thats a tough one...I suppose I would choose the first, if the friend was taken captive to save me, or it was because of me they was sent there and it was not at all to their personal gain and I couldn't talk to them or see them at all. I would choose the second if the captor was like, torturing me or something or I knew someone was going to kill themselves trying to save me. And then I would choose the last if the friend refused to be consoled (by ice cream or various methods).

Have you been captured?

Betty Edit said...

No, thank goodness. I am not a captive by any means. :o)

I appreciate your reasoning.