Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Utah's Emergency Contact List

You can now register emergency contacts with the DMV:

This is a great idea. Most people do not put ICE numbers in their phone, so it's not immediately clear which phone contact to call in an emergency. If the authorities are able to look up your ID and find emergency numbers already on file, however, it's much easier to know whom to contact.

The UT system lets each license holder input information for two emergency contacts. I put in my sister and my friend. The whole process took less than a minute.

Try it out!

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elegyrl said...

I think that ICE numbers are a great idea the only problem (for some people) is like me who keeps my phone locked, and then although the numbers are there, the emergency staff cannot get to them. With my new phone though I could put in a message on the "lock screen" and so I put ICE numbers there. So now even if my phone is locked (like usual) then they can see some numbers in order to reach my family.