Sunday, August 5, 2012

How To Get Stuff Done

Problem: I need to be able to practice the organ during the week so that our hymns will sound good on Sunday.

Solution: I asked for a key to the church building. It is "in the works."

Problem solved, right? Not quite. The plot thickens:

Problem: I need to get into the music library in our church building (which music library is really just a little closet with bins of music stacked on the shelves) in order to see what's in there and figure out what might work well for our choir. Unfortunately, the closet is kept locked all the time, and no one knows which specific key (besides the master key) is needed to open it.

Solution: I offered to catalog and index the music in the music library if I was allowed access to said library. The bishopric member I spoke with agreed, and said if my key which he ordered wasn't able to open the library, they'd order me a new one and make sure it's a master.

I'm not really sure how I'm going to go about indexing the music library--I guess I'll first have to see what's already been done--but I'm pretty excited about it. I hope I get my key soon, because it would be much easier to start on all that music before school resumes in September.


Katya said...

Fun! Let me know if you want any librarian-ish advice. (Also, I'm jealous that you're in a ward with a decent music library. I doubt I've ever been in such a one.)

Betty Edit said...

I don't actually know whose music it is, but there are only 2 wards that meet in my church building, so I figure we're good to use it. :o) I will definitely ask you for librarian-ish advice.