Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Looking For A Place To Live

Honestly, is it too much to ask for a nice private one-bedroom home, with room for all my bookshelves and my piano and my desk, that'll let me have a cat, isn't at the top of a hill, looks cute, has a/c and laundry and a garbage disposal and good plumbing, isn't part of a huge complex, is located in a good part of town, isn't infested by bugs or critters, has off-street parking, and goes for under $400 a month? I mean, I'm not asking for the world here, just the basic amenities. Sheesh.

Oh, and a pool would be really awesome, too, but that's totally optional.


1 comment:

elegyrl said...

I hope you find something perfect and amazing soon! Keep looking it will show up! Well actually it will have already been there but you will suddenly find it for yourself! :-)