Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Awkward Pose

You know how shoe ads often show a pair of legs in a typically "bashful" position, with the toes pointed in? Like this:

Or like this:

To me, these legs do not look bashful, or playful, or even particularly well positioned to flaunt the shoe to its greatest advantage. To me they look grotesque. Misshapen.

As I was looking through the Target ad this week, I came across the worst example of all.

Girl on left: leaning casually against the wall, legs crossed. Suave. Cool. I want these boots.

Girl in middle: somebody find this woman a bathroom, FAST!

Girl on right: oh my goodness, that poor dear. Look at her sad legs, all deformed and twisted. And she has such nice kneecaps, too. Maybe if I buy those boots it'll make her happy.



Heather Dixon said...


You're welcome. ;)

ol' Bob said...

Your mind works in mysterious ways.

Schmath said...

Hahahahahahaha! They all look like they need to pee.