Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lost Without You

Ever since moving here in 2008, I have relied upon the Trolley Square Tower to help guide me home at night (when coming from the south). I know when to turn by watching the tower as it grows from a speck on the horizon into a recognizable entity.

Recently, there has been a lot of construction at Trolley Square. It doesn't affect me much, as I never go there, but one night last week as I was driving home, I realized I couldn't see the tower. I knew which intersection I'd just passed, so I knew roughly where I was, but I was so used to gauging my location by that tower that I got confused. The next intersection was fast approaching, and my mind was thinking, "Wait, is this it? Is this what this intersection looks like? Is this where I normally turn? How come I don't even know what it looks like without that tower lit up?" The scene was completely unrecognizable to me, but it was, in fact, the correct intersection, and I did turn, and I was right.

I guess I just never realized how much I rely upon that lit up tower.

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Oriana said...

Are they keeping the tower? Or is it gone for good? I love seeing it lit up, too.