Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Fiber Aisle

"Excuse me, where is your fiber aisle?"

"Our what?"

"Your fiber aisle."


"It says right here, 'Located in the fiber aisle'."

"Oh. You might want to try with the vitamins and nutritional supplements. Those are in the natural foods aisle."

"Ok. Thanks."




ol' Bob said...

You may have given the store employee something to talk about at home.

Schmath said...

Ha ha. I'd like to know what the guy was thinking when he designed that coupon.

Heather Dixon said...

Oh, the fiber aisle. That old thing. It's like my favorite aisle ever.

elegyrl said...

You should send that to Jay Leno for the Tonight SHow Headlines, thats exactly the type of thing he looks for!

whirligigdaisy said...

At least you're brave enough to ask. Maybe you can come with me when I need, ah, hum, the _______ aisle.

Betty Edit said...

Oh, I didn't actually ask. I was just imagining what would have happened if I had. I did once tell an associate I had a restroom on layaway, since the wall said


but she didn't really get it. :o)