Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Automatic Bathroom

If you go to the ladies' bathroom in the Wilkinson Center on the ground floor near the information desk, you will encounter the following:

-automatic flushing toilets

-automatic water faucets

-automatic soap dispensers

-automatic paper towel dispensers

-automatic hand dryers


-automatic toilet paper dispensers

For real.

All they are missing is automatic toilet seat protectors (that bathroom currently has no seat protectors at all), which I saw at an airport once. Odd things.

And maybe automatic doors. Then you wouldn't have to touch ANYTHING.


elegyrl said...

I find it interesting when some places do only partial automatic least they went all out for ya! Even at Disneyland only some of the bathrooms have automatic paper towels... all the toilets are but not everything else. The only things I have not personally encountered from your list is the TP dispensers! They have these really cool hand dryers at the Sams Club in Oxnard I'll have to take you sometime! :)

ol' Bob said...

Everything you mentioned is okay with me. What I dislike are auto-flush toilets. Creepy.

Betty Edit said...

Oh yeah! I forgot the automatic flushing toilets. Thanks for reminding me!