Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ward Thanksgiving Dinner: Four Dollars for Two Rolls

Sometimes I do silly things, like signing up to bring rolls to the ward Thanksgiving dinner on Friday night even though I don't get off work until half an hour after it starts, which means I will be an hour late by the time I get there. However, my better Betty side tells me to participate in ward events once in a while, so I signed up to bring rolls (with a note telling them I'd be an hour late).

Thus, after work on Friday I brought my two bags of King's Hawaiian rolls (delicious!) to the Institute building. Inside the gym, the tables had been pushed end to end to create one really big long table, which I thought was a fun idea. There was another long table that held the food neatly in uniform aluminum pans. Luckily, there was a lot of food left, enough that I would still be able to have a good full meal even though I was late.

But alas, it turned out it was the wrong ward. My ward was in the other gym. I think it was the bishop's wife who saw me putting the rolls down and asked what ward I was from. Turns out theirs was a catered dinner (that explained why it looked so nice), but she did offer, "You're welcome to come back if you don't like what they're having." She was a nice woman.

La la la, I traveled to the other side of the building, where round tables were cramped into half of the other gym, and two tables held the remains of what had once been standard Thanksgiving dishes. I put one bag of rolls at each table, and surveyed the slops. I guess I shouldn't call them slops. There were a few shreds of turkey left, a dollop or two of mashed potatoes, and a couple dozen various rolls, which made my two dozen seem that much more superfluous. I suppose anything but dessert would seem superfluous though, if it's an hour late.

They were just about to cut into the pies. I was not in the mood for sweets (rare, I know), so I took one of my rolls and another roll, and nibbled them from a corner, staring at nothing and contemplating what to do. It didn't take long to contemplate. After a member of the bishopric approached me to ask about a substitute organist for next week, I figured it had been noted that I appeared at the ward Thanksgiving dinner, and I left.

My Hawaiian roll was good, but that homemade crescent roll, which I ate on the way to my car, that was really good. Too bad I didn't grab two of them, eh?

Hooray for ward Thanksgiving dinners.


Schmath said...

You totally should have gone back to the other ward.

whirligigdaisy said...

Maybe real Thanksgiving dinner will be better. Where will you be for that?

Heather Dixon said...

Moral of this story:


I bet your rolls were tasty though.