Friday, September 25, 2009

Traffic by the Block

When I drive to work I like to play a game: using the stopwatch on my phone, I time how long it takes for me to drive each block. I enjoy this game for two reasons: first, it makes me feel less impatient because I see how long each block takes, which is not a long period of time; and second, it makes me enjoy red lights because then I can look at that block and say, "Whoah, look how long that light was! One minute and thirty-three seconds!" I like to see how short the shortest block is, and how long the longest block is.

Today's numbers:

Block 1: 52 seconds
Block 2: 15 seconds
Block 3: 16 seconds
Block 4: 16 seconds
Block 5: 16 seconds
Block 6: 18 seconds
Block 7: 25 seconds
Block 8: 25 seconds
Block 9: 17 seconds
Block 10: 14 seconds
Block 11: 15 seconds
Block 12: 16 seconds
Block 13: 37 seconds
Block 14: 41 seconds
Block 15: 55 seconds
Block 16: 32 seconds
Block 17: 14 seconds
Block 18: 41 seconds

Total time: 7:45
Average time per block: 25.83 seconds
Lowest time: 14 seconds
Highest time: 55 seconds

That's a pretty low "highest time", actually. Normally I hit more red lights, traffic, construction, etc. My highest time for a single block was over four minutes. That was not a fun block.

I wonder if other people play games like this to keep themselves from getting frustrated.


Schmath said...

That's a great idea. I always get really frustrated driving through Salt Lake. Maybe that would help.

ol' Bob said...

Those are the oversized SLC blocks, too. Four minutes sounds about right for walking one of those blocks.

I'd try it here except that the stylish designers and standard-setters in our lovely hot and dry town have decreed that streets must wind and turn and halt abruptly. Uniform blocks can be found in very few parts of town.