Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bird + Window = Dead Bird

A few weeks ago, my co-workers and I were quietly going about our business as usual, when we heard a DWONG on the window. I looked over just in time to see a dark bird-sized blur fall out of sight. The bird left a small circle of minute feathers clinging to the outside of the window. We watched as they blew away.

A few days after that I went down and walked through the planter area to see if I could find the dead bird. Why? I have no idea. Mostly I wanted to know what kind it was, which is rather silly, as I can't identify many more types of birds than penguin, ostrich and flamingo. I looked around, at any rate, until I found the bird. It was a regular-looking birdish-sized grey-brown bird (can you tell I don't know my birds very well?) with a reddish-brown breast. I thought it had no head at first, but then I nudged it with my shoe and saw that the head had just been tucked underneath. I'm pretty sure it snapped its neck when it hit the window, then fell three stories to the ground, already dead.

The end.


elegyrl said...

I heard this story already, but I think you were a little more elaborate in the letter! I am guessing that the bird is a red breasted something or other... I obviously am not super bird knowledgeable either, btu i know there are birds that start with "red-breasted" :-)

Heather Dixon said...

Oh how sad. :( The little ring of feathers on the window was kinda funny though.

elegyrl said...

I googled... there is the
red breasted nuthatch,
Red breasted merganser,
Red breasted robin,
Red breasted sapsucker,
red breasted woodpecker,
red breasted finch,
red breasted grosebeak,
red breasted hawk,
red breasted goose,
red breasted sparrow.....

Now you know what it probably was ;-)

ol' Bob said...

Our orange fuzzy tabby cat who secretly rules the world (just ask him) occasionally runs headfirst into a chair leg while pursuing a small object, but so far he has escaped injury to anything more significant than his dignity.