Friday, June 19, 2009

SLC Travel: Tips

Here are some tips for driving in Salt Lake City in the summertime:

1. Plan on taking at least twice as long as you think you will need to drive to your destination.

2. Look up 8-10 alternate routes so you can find the route with the least amount of construction.

3. Replace your snow tires with off-roading tires, and put a see-through steel shield on your windshield. This will help so you won’t pop a tire while driving over a huge pothole, and your windshield won’t crack if a rock from the freeway attacks it.

4. Watch out for ignorant drivers and pedestrians (oh wait, that’s a year-round tip).

5. Relax. Don't get angry. You'll get there eventually.

Here are some tips for taking public transportation in the summertime:

1. Know the times and names of the busses and trains you will be taking.

2. Look up any possible route changes or detours so you won’t be stranded.

3. Do not use your cell phone or have it in sight. Keep it on silent. Then people won’t ask you if they can borrow it.

4. You are not obligated to give money to people who ask for it, even if you have it (gosh, I sound like a real jerk, don’t I?).

5. If traveling after dark, carry pepper spray or some other form of protection. Carry it in your hand, not your purse.

Have I missed anything?


Sail said...
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elegyrl said...

I hope the steel wiondshield comment isn't based on recent event experience!

Oriana said...

You are so right!! I'd be especially vigilant about the pepper spray after dark. If you are taking Trax, sit in the front car. At least then the driver can see you if anything happens.

Betty Edit said...

I'd never thought of that one, Oriana--sitting in the front car. We are an especially trusting bunch, aren't we? :o)