Monday, June 1, 2009

Sounds I Like

Leaves crunching under my feet.

Horse hooves on dirt paths/roads/etc.

Errol's tires on my dirt and gravel driveway.

Twittery birds outside my window (not squawky birds).

Rain on the roof/leaves/etc.

The silence of snow.

Tap shoes on my feet.

Tap shoes on a tap dancer's feet.

Soft wind in trees.

Anya's purr when I hold her up to my ear.

Olive's voice.

Elegyrl's laughter after she's pulled a prank.

The Boyfriend's heartbeat when I hug him goodnight.

Any person's heartbeat when we are hugging.


Olive Kite said...

You almost make me long for autumn (but not quite--I'm more ready for 100 degree weather than snowstorms).

His name should be Trek.

elegyrl said...

:) you make me smile! I like those things too, and i like reading your blog!