Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Anya in Sink

Anya has always enjoyed lounging in the sink. It's pretty funny for me, not only because it's the sink, but also because I can turn on the water just a tiny tiny bit, and watch as it puddles on her fur. Queen Tuffet and I used to like to see how much water would pool on her before she realized she was getting wet. Sometimes it took quite a while.

She's frequented more sinks than I have pictures of, alas.

Generally Anya accesses the sink via the toilet, that is, she jumps up on the toilet, then on to the sink. When she was very young, she was tearing through the house one day and dashed into the bathroom to jump up on the sink--I think I might have been brushing my teeth or something. Unfortunately for her, the toilet lid was up.

Have you ever seen a cat change direction mid-air? It's pretty amazing. She didn't manage to do it, however, without still getting one paw in the toilet. My, cats are amusing. She's never done that since. I guess she learned her lesson.

This one is more recent, and was taken on a camera phone, so sorry for the fuzziness:

Anya also enjoys squeezing herself into whatever else she can fit. She loves open drawers, cabinets, doors, closets, etc. Here she is prowling around in my nylons:

Maybe that's why they all have runs...

And, of course, she likes to think she's going wherever I'm going, so here she is trying to pack herself away for a trip:

Ok, just kidding, she just likes going in suitcases too. Fun times.

Man, I really need to get some new topics to blog about...


ol' Bob said...

The behavior of cats is an excellent and entertaining topic, even if it doesn't lead to really deep thoughts.

Oriana said...

You're too funny! I like the pics and the bathroom story. :-)

J said...

I love the name ANYA