Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dating Milestones

Today I received an email from Boyfriend, asking whether I cared a whole lot that technically it was our one month anniversary*. Of course, Boyfriend must have meant it was one month since we decided to date each other exclusively, since our first date together was back in October, which is longer ago than one month. I mentioned to Boyfriend that I would measure our length of dating by that first date, and he replied with this:

We could have some fun with this when people ask how long we've been dating. We could say: technically our date of exclusivity is the 7th of December, but we've decided that the reference point of the beginning of our relationship should be the date of our initial function, which was the 20th of October.

Is it any wonder I am so enjoying dating this man?

*My answer was that I didn't, really. I mean, I do, obviously I do care, but I'm not the type of woman who feels it necessary to celebrate a single month with roses and bon-bons and whatnot. Right now I'm just more interested in enjoying our time together.


elegyrl said...

This post makes me happy. Mostly because you're happy. Can't wait to meet "boyfriend" someday

Jackie said...