Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Google+ and Zucchini Casserole

I keep thinking of things to post, but then I end up posting them to Google+ instead. Now I know how Facebook fanatics feel (I never use my Facebook account).

Here is something to tide you over until I write a real post: I made zucchini casserole today. It's really fantastic zucchini casserole that tastes nothing like zucchini, and is probably more unhealthy than healthy, which is why it's so delicious. It won a ward cooking/baking/whatever contest once. For real! It's not my recipe though, it's just one I found on the internet. But boy is it good!

The end.

P.S. Someday I will be able to take something out of the oven without burning myself. I don't know why my flesh is so attracted to that metal...

P.P.S. My cat just got a whiff of the casserole and came zooming up from downstairs. That's how good it is.

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ol' Bob said...

The cat in question also eats fish-flavored cat food and the occasional spider. I'm not sure of her qualification as a food critic.

That is not to say that your zuccini casserole is anything but delicious. Is it the same recipe as our zuccini casserole?