Monday, June 13, 2011

Disneyland Game

My friend Elegyrl is a little bit nuts, if you want to know the truth, but she's nuts in a good way (mostly). But don't take my word for it; I'll let you decide for yourself:

A few months ago, Elegyrl (pronounced elly-girl, like elephants, get it? she loves elephants) sent me 120 tiny photographs in the mail. These photos depict various places throughout the Disneyland and California Adventure theme parks, though they are unlabeled. Each picture is numbered on the back. Along with the pictures, Elegyrl also sent me a map of each park, a list of 188 possible choices for answers, and a list of the real answers. Each of the aides (map, multiple choice, answers) were hidden in stapled papers so I wouldn't peek at them. I guess she knows me pretty well. :o)

Since I was in grad school at the time I received this game, I put it aside because it was too involved. Now that I'm in my summer break, however, I pulled it out to see how I'd do.

First of all, I spent way too long doing this thing. WAY too long. I not only studied each of the 120 pictures, but I also looked at photos I've taken at Disneyland, and photos I found online, to try to find these miniscule elements. Some of them I found, some I didn't.

Incidentally, one of the places I discovered in my search online was a site called Tours Departing Daily, where they display fantastic photos they've taken of the Disneyland parks. I love those pictures. Go take a look.

The end result of my attempt: 65 of 120 correct. I suppose some would argue that my score was lower, as I gave myself a point on incorrect replies when my answer and the given answer applied to the same attraction. So, for instance, the giant leaves that are located all over Bug's Land were listed as "Bug's Land", but I chose "Above Ladybug Boogie." I gave myself the point because the leaves are above Ladybug Boogie, as well as throughout Bug's Land.

Here are all the pictures:

Anyone else want to try?


Schmath said...

Holy cow! You guys are both nuts! (In a good way, though.)

elegyrl said...

I should have kept the answer sheet snd corrected it myself ;-) I'm glad you played though, even though you cheated

Heather Dixon said...

This game is cruel. I LOVE IT!!