Monday, April 18, 2011

Gecko Guest at the Kua 'Aina

Today we ate at a fantastic restaurant called Kua’Aina. My friend at work recommended Kua'Aina as a great place to get avocado burgers (which I love), so we drove up to the North Shore to Haleiwa to try them out. As we sat waiting for our food, we noticed the locations listed on the cup:

"Haleiwa, Honolulu, Tokyo."


We're staying in Honolulu. Guess we didn't need to make that whole long trip around the island.

It was a nice drive, anyway, and during dinner we were joined by this little guy:

I’m sorry to say he about scared the pants off of Mother Edit, next to whom he appeared, but he only stayed around for a few seconds and then scampered away, so no harm done. I thought he was cute. We had seen a lot of these little geckos at the Dole Plantation earlier in the day, but none of them really stood still long enough or were close enough for me to take a picture.

When I texted Elegyrl to tell her about our gecko guest at dinner, she said, “Did he offer you any car insurance?” Ha ha ha. :o)

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elegyrl said...

Elegyrl is a character ;-)