Wednesday, February 9, 2011

To Fit Into A Swimsuit

In April I am going to Hawaii. It's my first time, so I'm getting excited. The bad news is that I am pretty sure my swim trunks are not going to fit me anymore. My swimsuit is fine, as I just bought it last year, but the shorts... not going to happen.

Yesterday my friend offered me a cookie. I'd had three already (they were small, ok?), but everyone knows that while 3 cookies is perfectly ok to eat if you're trying to slim down, 4 cookies is just too many. So I declined, saying, "No, I'm trying to actually fit into my swimsuit when I go to Hawaii."

"Oh," she said, "You know what you should do?"

"What?" I asked. I hoped she was going to tell me that one weird old tip to flatten your belly that all the websites advertise but I never can find out.

"Buy a new swimsuit," she said.


She went to Hawaii last year, so I guess I can trust her advice.

Time for new swim trunks!

P.S. I've gone swimming with swim trunks since junior high, so going trunkless is not an option.


Schmath said...

Yeah, totally go for the new ones. I've kept a lot of clothes, thinking someday I'd fit into them again. But I won't. And swim trunks aren't stretchy, so it'll be even harder.

Heather Dixon said...

Swimming trunks are totally cute, and definitely you should get some new ones, if just for a change of color/style

ol' Bob said...

Hawaii? Really? Wow.

Doing an exercise called planks is supposed to be excellent for belly-flattening, while eating cookies is of dubious value. Eating cookies is by far the more enjoyable of the two activities.

elegyrl said...

i like her advise.... even though my suit still fits I may take it too, since I haven't bought a new suit in several years and I am hoping to start doing a lot more swimming to work up strength in my leg until I am ready for more "regular" physical activity