Tuesday, January 11, 2011


When I open my front door in the morning and look down, this is what I see:

Yes, that is my welcome mat frozen in neck-breaking ice. In fact, my whole front porch is covered in one solid sheet of ice, and it's not very thin ice, either:

The stairs are covered in ice:

Note the absence of any sort of hand rail or something for me to hold onto as I hobble up the slippery stairs.

The walkway to the stairs is also covered in ice:

Time to invest in either an ice pick or some ice melt, methinks.


Heather Dixon said...


J said...

Yes get some salt! That is a slippery, skull cracking, sheet of ice. I like your head nicely whole and intact!

elegyrl said...

I miss you and all but please let me know when thats gone before my next visit! I slip enough on my own! Be careful! :-)