Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Time Has Come!

The time has come to start blogging again! Can you even believe how delinquent I've been? Seriously? You can't? Oh. Well, I can. :o)

Speaking of time, here are some crazy cool watches:

Sweet pocketwatch (I have a thing for pocketwatches.)

Beautiful wristwatch (which I would want if it weren't so darn huge)

This doesn't even look like a watch.

This one is super easy for me to read, but considering it looks enormous on that man's arm, I'm guessing it would look even more gigantic on my own arm.

I love that site. I love looking at their watches. They're not even watches, really, they're more like… art time pieces. I think that's how they describe them. So, so lovely.

I have cat hair all over my computer. How did it get there? Blech.


Schmath said...

Whoa! How do you even read those things? I kinda want a binary watch, but not enough to spend money on it.

ol' Bob said...

Watch your credit card balances. Anya might be doing some shopping while you're away.