Thursday, July 2, 2009

Reserved Parking

At my work I park in a parking structure that is shared with other companies. Each establishment has a designated section in which to park. Our parking spots are marked with little plaques on the wall that have our logo on them and say "Reserved: Faculty/Staff."

I generally drive down the second row of cars and park wherever I can, but sometimes the end space is open.

"Hooray!" I say on these ocassions. "They left my spot open for me."

It's really quite convenient, that spot.

Last week, however, as I was returning to my car on one of those days when it was parked in "my" spot, I looked at the little plaque on the wall. It looked exactly like all the other little plaques, except it didn't say "Faculty/Staff" on it. It said "Director of Studies."


No wonder they always left my spot open.

Good thing I take Trax when I can, eh? I may have been booted by now.


Oriana said...

That is funny! I'm glad your car hasn't gotten booted.

elegyrl said...

HAHAHA I love this story! It's all about reading the "fine print" sometimes!