Sunday, March 15, 2009

Elegyrl's Letters

As I mentioned that elegyrl sends me fun letters, I figured I may as well tell some of the other fun things she has done:

-A letter written backwards
-A crossed letter
-Letter on the back of photocopied coloring pages
-Letters with pages mixed up
-Letters on every sort of stationery
-A letter using wrapping paper as stationery
-A letter written on Disneyland napkins
-A letter written on Color Explosion pages
-A letter written entirely in a code she made up:

-Postcards of all shapes and sizes
-A letter with smashed pennies taped on
-A postcard with a picture of us inserted, which also doubled as a frame so I could use the postcard as a framed photograph

I'm probably missing some, but you get the general idea. And she's planning something even crazier, which she says will knock my socks off.

I'm not as good at reciprocating, but I do have a few tricks up my sleeve which she has yet to see...


schmath said...

Who is this Elegyrl? I wish I had a penpal like that!

elegyrl said...

Tell Schmath I've met her before... I stayed with her and Sarah and Leah many years ago on one of my many Utah trips! It was a cute little green house and Ben came over at night and there was a little musical fun! :)

Anyways I think it's funny you posted this and said "she says will knock my socks off." ...and unknown to you I sent socks in the package :)

J said...

This girl is AMAZING!