Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Story of Three Hours

Sometime in March I was asked by an acquaintance (who also happens to be a High Councilor) to speak with him in a neighboring ward. Of course I said yes. After that, the word got out that I'd been home from my mission for two months and had spoken in neither my home ward nor my current branch. Appointments were made and I gave my talk in my home ward two weeks later; today was my day to give my talk in my branch.

Three weeks ago I realized I needed to switch the Sunday I was scheduled to teach Sunday school so that I wouldn't be teaching last weekend, as I was going to be in San Diego (it seems like I go there a lot, doesn't it? I don't really.). Today then was also my day to teach Sunday school.

Last week the organist told me she would be absent this week and asked me if I could play in her stead. Of course I said yes.

This morning (1.25 hours before church) Elegyrl called me and asked me if I could teach Relief Society since the other teacher is now slightly inactive. I'd already read the lesson and I don't think anyone else really ever reads the lessons beforehand, so I said yes.

One hour before church Tami called and asked if I could do a musical number because the musical number canceled. I actually really wanted to, but I had no idea what I could do so last-minute, and I figured I had to draw the line somewhere, so I suggested a rest hymn instead. Tami agreed, but during Sacrament meeting she told me I'd most likely be playing piano for Relief Society too.

Church went well. I messed up a lot on the organ, but I played with pedals on the prelude and postlude as well as one of the hymns, so I felt it wasn't entirely awful.

I mostly just feel bad for everyone who had to sit through all three hours of me, but perhaps I was able to disappear enough that someone actually learned something. At least, that is what I hope.


renee michelle said...

You said no to a musical number? Pssh, slacker. Way to bury your talents. :^)

schmath said...

That's really funny. I wish I was in your ward.

Renee said...

YOU are and were AMAZING!!! I can't imagine who else I would've rather had three hours of! And I told ya that I would teach my own RS lesson! It is ok to say no sometimes! Anyways I should be practicing piano and Im not... so I willsee you tomorrow!

unicorn girl said...

Wow! I am so impressed and amazed at your activity level! No wonder you didn't want to spend another 1.5 hours at choir practice last night.

ol' Bob said...

Hmmmm... Multiple personality disorder, very mild form? Take some high quality chocolate as a likely remedy.

Veronica said...

Thats funny. I am sure you did great. You are soo awesome and fun to hang out with. I am certain you do great of teaching others!