Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Destination Tofu

Today as I was driving, I saw the front of a bus, the display that tells the destination, and it said TOFU.

"Tofu?" I thought.

I looked again. It actually said TO U OF U, not TOFU, but my brain had squished out the extra U and O to make tofu.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Movies I Love But Would (Almost) Never Recommend

We all have them: movies we love, but wouldn't necessarily admit to loving. They're the movies we think of when asked, "What do you want to watch?", but we don't say anything because chances are no one else wants to watch it. These are the movies that I like or love, but usually keep mum about.

1. The Mummy Returns
I love this movie. It is, hands down, the movie I watch the most frequently*. I love the humor, I love the family dynamics, I love the female protagonist (Evelyn, played by Rachel Weisz), and I won't say that Brendan Fraser, Arnold Vosloo, and Oded Fehr don't make it more enjoyable too. This is not a movie that I would have expected myself to like, yet I always come back to it. I also don't normally like violence, but for some reason I'm not bothered. This is my big secret: The Mummy Returns is one of my favorite films.

2. The Mummy
The second Mummy movie is better than the first, but I do like this one too. It's a lot cheesier, but it still has some good humor, and the characters are likable.

3. The Neverending Story
The Neverending Story isn't always a movie I keep hidden quietly on my shelf, because I think it has kind of a cult following, or fan base. I think maybe I have a thing for interesting characters and fantastical settings, because that seems to be a common theme on this list. Fact one: I like the song that plays during the opening credits. Fact two: I named my French horn Falcor, after the luck dragon. In the movie, Falkor is spelled with a K, but I spell Falcor with a C because "cor" is French for "horn".

4. A.I.
Last week I watched this movie as I worked on my Lego Tower Bridge (post to come), and remembered how much I liked it. I also realized that Mad-Eye Moody (Brendan Gleeson) was in this movie! I recognized his voice before I recognized his face.

5. Moulin Rouge
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Beautiful music, beautiful sets, beautiful everything... Just be careful about mentioning this movie to people in Utah. Some people are ok with it, others aren't.

6. The Hours
This is another movie that I am careful about mentioning in Utah, but it has a great cast, is well-told, has excellent music by Philip Glass, and is just all around beautiful. Ok, maybe a little depressing too, but beautifully depressing, you know? Nicole Kidman and Meryl Streep are on my list of most talented actresses** ever.

7. My Little Ponies
Ah, My Little Ponies, a movie I grew up with. The movie has a surprisingly strong cast (Madeline Kahn!), and is not so dumbed-down that I want to gouge my eyeballs out. There are actually a lot of different characters and settings, so that keeps things kind of interesting. I'm not certain I would like this movie if I hadn't loved it as a child, but really, how can you beat the floom song***? I used to quote that song, the part where the one sister says, "Happy Birthday!" and I didn't realize until years later where I got that from. Anyway, it's a fun movie.

8. The Fifth Element
Do not ask me what I like about this movie, because I don't know. It makes me laugh and smile and cry (except I don't really cry). See #3 above where I talk about liking fantastical settings and characters.

Those are all my "secret list" movies that I can think of right now. What movies do you secretly love?

*Not counting the few movies I have on my iPod, which I watch while I wash the dishes. I watch those the most because I have only five to choose from.
**Is there a gender neutral term for "actor"? I really dislike the word "actresses".
***Located at 2:30 on the YouTube video.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Anya: Envelope Head

Cat + Manilla Envelope =

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Anya and the Sticky Trap

One morning, I woke up to Anya zooming from one end of the house to the other. She does this not infrequently, so I slept through it for a while, but some part of my subconscious realized she was making more noise than normal. I got out of bed and plopped down a can of food to settle her down. My eyes still weren't all the way open, but as I leaned down to pet her, I discovered why she'd been running around so much: she had a sticky trap stuck to her tail.

I'd bought these traps and placed them around the house, in what I thought were cat-proof places, but I guess I was wrong. Thankfully, the trap wasn't too difficult to cut off, or rather, the fur on her tail wasn't difficult to cut off to free the trap. I'm just glad it hadn't gotten stuck on one of her paws or her face or something.

The other sticky traps were thrown away later that day.

I can't believe she got that whole big thing stuck on her tail. No wonder her galloping was so noisy.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"Not for you, Betty."

I happen to fill a lot of prescriptions at Target. Two of those prescriptions are refilled monthly, but they are on opposite schedules, so I'm in to pick up medicine every other week.

Not too long ago, I headed out early to work, intending to pick up my prescription on the way. I got in my car and glanced at my watch.

"Oh no!" I realized. "It's almost 1:30!"

The Target pharmacy closes between 1:30 and 2, but I decided to go anyway and see if I could make it.

When I arrived at Target, the lights at the pharmacy were off, but there were still two employees at the counter, and one lady was being helped. One of the employees I didn't recognize, but the other guy was someone who always seems to be there when I am (and I've done some fairly memorable stupid things while he's there too, like coming in for my prescription when I didn't call to refill it). I didn't realize just how memorable I'd made myself (or how frequently I'd picked up prescriptions), until I asked, "Is the pharmacy closed?"

He looked at me, and then he said, "Not for you, Betty."

Ha! He knew my name. How hilarious is that? I was laughing all the way out to my car. That was great customer service.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Looking Back

Today as I was contemplating 2011, I realized that a lot of really good and surprising things have happened in the past year. In no particular order:

-I went to Hawaii for the first time.
-I went snorkeling for the first time.
-I went to ComicCon for the first time (I also rode Amtrak for what was probably the last time).
-I went to Legoland for the first time.
-I went to Disneyland for the millionth time (but the only time this year).
-I successfully completed my second year of grad school.
-I got my first smart phone.
-I bought my first desktop computer (I've only ever bought laptops before).
-I finally finished unpacking (from moving in September of 2010).
-I turned 30 and had the best birthday ever.
-I bought a bunch of Lego sets (see my post about not being addicted).
-With the help of a friend, I exercised during the spring and summer.
-I learned to use Adobe Dreamweaver.
-I went to my first library conference.
-I went to my first writing retreat.
-I went to the beach for the first time in years.
-I carved a pumpkin for the first time in years.
-I decorated my house for Christmas for the first time in years, since my Christmas decorations were finally with me, and not in a box in my parents' garage. ;o)
-I saw some really fantastic sunrises and sunsets.
-I got to spend a glorious Christmas with my family.

Most of those are things that I never would have predicted at the beginning of the year, and few of them had anything to do with the resolutions I made for 2011. I'm sure there are other wonderful and fantastic things which have happened too, which are not on this list.

I've made a few resolutions for 2012. Among other items on the list (the standard stuff about health, religion, and school) are these:

-Finish writing my novel.
-Create a personal website.
-Dictate and digitize my family songbook.
-Clean off my desk.
-Go to bed earlier (ha ha ha).
-Read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.
-Figure out the best way to store my Lego sets.

I'm kind of free with my resolutions--I like to change them as the year progresses, and revise them as needed, so we'll see what I've actually accomplished when the year comes to a close.